Gale Harold laments about missing Queer as Folk reunion in Germany
Here is an article about Gale missing the convention. I think its pretty much the same statement that Gale made and Scott and The Rise n´ Shine published when he could not attend the convention only here its made out to be an interview. But it still nice to read ;).

Interview with Randy for Manner Magazine

Since QAF ended you only worked on theater. Is there a reason for?
R.H.: “Because I prefer it. (laughing) And also because the ending of QAF wasn't that good for me in case of my TV experiences. I got a lot of similar offers for other TV shows and movies, while the offers from theater were more different and versatile. And so it was an easy decision. I wanted to develop as an actor and I think that’s easier while working on stage. With every rehearsal and every new co star I learn something new.”

But you don’t regret your work on QAF, do you?
R.H.: “Absolutely not! I am really thankful for being a part of a show that still catches up peoples fancy and that people still appreciate the work we did. I guess that’s because before and after there had never been a show like QAF.”

Do people still recognize you? And if they do, what are they say to “Justin”?
R.H.: “In NY, where I live, people barely recognize me. And if they do, it’s always nice! Because these people are really lovely and sometimes they tell me how much Justin meant to them and that the show helped them with their lives.”

While playing Justin, what did you learn about yourself? Would you two like each other?
R.H.: “I learned how to act in front of a camera. I barely had any kind of experience about that before. Unfortunately I accustomed some really bad things in those five years of QAF. Like to “underact” the lines when I thought Justin wouldn’t talk like that. That’s stupid of course! I should’ve play out every single sexual ambiguity the writers wanted to put into the character! Justin could’ve been a lot more plastic (?) if I would’ve been more gamier with my acting back then. After all Justin wasn’t my idea, it wasn’t my character, it was their doll to play with, so to say. Back then I took everything a little bit too personal and that wasn’t good for my acting. It wouldn’t have been necessary. And no, I don’t think that Justin and I would really like each other. But we also wouldn’t not like each other. I think we wouldn’t really care about each other. His implicit Will to follow hetero normative examples of roles and relationships is not who I am. Bull**** like that bores me.

Do you regret your openly coming out during the show?
R.H.: “No. The more actors are openly out, the better.”

Does QAF shows the real Gay scene?
R.H.: “The gay scene in QAF is the wishful thinking of the writers and creators. It’s a could be/should be. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t exist, but it’s only a small part of the gay scene. The real gay scene is a lot more versatile.”

Are you happy to be with your former Co-Stars again?
R.H.: “Sure! (laughs) We’re all still friends and see each other from time to time. But since I do live on the east coast and all the others live at the west coast I don’t see them as much as they see each other, unfortunately. For example: I haven’t seen Hal [Sparks, playing Michael] since the day we stopped filming QAF. I excited to change that now.”

You were Justin for 5 years, you know him. Where would he be today?
R.H.: “I think, he’s still in NY. But he’s not a popular artist. I mean, he made some Photoshop stuff on the computer in Pittsburgh an then printed them on Photo paper to show them to galleries. That only proves that he had no idea what was really going on in the art scene in 2005. And that makes me think that he wasn’t a very curious guy at all. Today he would work in a good position in a graphic design company or maybe he’s doing some advertising work. He’s good with the Computer, with Photoshop and illustration and maybe even with Flash Animation, so I think he would make some good money. He would have a partner who makes a lot more money than he does and who’s a lot older than he is. Justin does totally maintain a father complex. Unfortunately! (laughs) They married as soon as gay marriage was allowed in NY and they live at Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan and they don’t like people who live in Brooklyn. Justin never had been in an Off-Brodway-theather. I could see him and his husband looking out for a surrogate mother for their child. Because of course they are narcissistic and rich enough to reproduce even though there’s an overpopulation in Manhattan. Justin thinks he’s one of the top 1000 gays of New York and he’s really proud about that! Things like that got very important for him lately. If he comes back to Pittsburgh for visiting, he makes his old friends feel bad about themselve – even though that’s not his intention. (laughs) And… do you know that feeling when you are completely drunk and then have sex with someone and the next morning you wake up and think O my god, how could this happen? and then you feel a little sick when you remember all the details of that night? That’s how Justin feels today when he’s back to Pittsburgh for visiting his mother and then accidentally meets Brian. His husband would make fun about their former relationship. And even though Justin would object piously a little bit – in the end he would laugh about it.”

The interview can be found here where 90210-Steffi did an amazing job translating from german to english..

I'm so proud to be swedish!
I'm so proud to live in a country where every one can get married no matter who you love, and everyone can adopt children.
And that this ad and more is posted everywhere and it's no big deal!

YES!!! Sweden won The Eurovision Song Contest 2012!!
I'm so happy right now. Sweden cleaned the floor tonight with Loreens song Euphoria. I love it!


So.... The test gave me this opinon about me ;)
Your rainbow is shaded green.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

Gale Harold in Sons of Anarchy....
That would be a dream come true don't you think?
I have just watched a couple of episodes and I just realized that Gale in his sexy beard would be fucking amazing as a Samcro bad ass biker ;D   
They already have one former QAF actor, Charlie Hunnam that played Nathan Maloney in the original UK Queer As Folks so they should really have one from the US QAF
And Gale loves motorbikes it's a match made in heaven :D

UPDATE! I have now done my part to push my wish forward. My profile on Sons of Anarchy

Photo by qratty
Photo by qratty

Sons of Anarchy

Celebrated Valborgsmässoafton tonight!
And it was great, good friends,,hot dogs and vodka :D
And of course a great bonfire to get rid of the old and welcome the new.
Springtime is here :D


April fools day in Sweden

So its April fools day and the best so far is the one from one of our news channels.
In Gothenburg there is a statue of the greek god Poseidon and its a bit of a landmark.
Now the authority has decided that he needs a penis extension/enlargement ;)
They had authority's interviewed about Poseidons lack of penis and they said its been decided that they would add an additional 20 cm!?! (7,8 inches) to the poor man ;)
They had a few old ladies in there seventies and a few young men interviewed and the all felt sorry for the poor smuck, and felt that he was definitely in need of a few more cm ;)
The greek community is outraged that the authorities has the nerves to offend one of there gods in such a manner ;)
And a few sex-therapist said that it totally gave the wrong signs to people and it would be hard for young men everywhere to have to compare themselves to Poseidon ones he got his makeover done.
Absolutely hilarious ;D

Looks like they had a blast!
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Im not getting any notifiations about new posts.
Is there anyone else that has that problem or is it just my account?

Finally after almost a week of no notifications they are back and lets hope they stay that way.


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